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Information about the links or groups of links shown below.
The following links will take you to various Catholic and Catholic homeschooling websites. If you would like your Catholic or Catholic homeschooling page to be listed, please contact us.

National Catholic Homeschooling Resources
Seton Home Study School One of the largest providers of
Catholic homeschool curricula and materials, Seton is perhaps the best known of all the Catholic services.

Our Lady of the Rosary School International Catholic homeschool organization providing completecurricula for students from pre-K to 12th grade, focusing on saving the souls of children by making available to parents the necessities for a truly Catholic education.

Catholic Home School Network of America CHSNA is an organization, founded by Catholic homeschooling parents, to represent Catholic homeschoolers and let them know about issues affecting them arising within the Church

Favorite Sites
Salve Regina Catholic Books On-line access to over 200 titles faithful to the teachings of the Church and Magisterium to help design a truly Catholic curriculum.
Keeping It Catholic The Faith, Family and Home Education network poineered by Catholic homeschooling families.
Catholic Heritage Curricula Catholic Heritage Curricula provides Catholic currucula and extracurricula items for Catholic homeschoolers.
Bethlehem Books Bethlehem Books are a wonderful source of worthwhile children's literature. Their books range from historical fiction to modern fairy tales.
High Note Solutions High Note Solutions is excited to bring you the gift of music. "Our Musical Year" and "Our Christian Theater" give voice to the beauty of your children's musical heritage and faith. Children learn by "doing." What better way to reinforce virtues and vital teachings than through song!
El Camino Real - The Royal Road Their goal is to provide traditional Catholic materials to assist others to grow in wisdom, grace, and age before God and man.
The Neumann Press Their mission is to republish traditional Catholic books and Catholic textbooks for Catholic schools and the homeschooler. All of their titles are Roman Catholic, faithful to the Chair of Peter, and present truth for the rational mind.

Yahoo! With over half a million sites divided into more than 25,000 categories, Yahoo! is both browseable and searchable.