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Inspiration from the Saints

Exerpt from "Introduction to a Devout Life", Tan Books and Publishers
...There are some who neither will nor dare consider and dwell upon the individual grace which God has conferred upon them for fear of vain-glory and self-conceit, but they are mistaken. For if indeed, as the Angelical Doctor tells us, the sure way of attaining to the love of God is to dwell upon His mercies, the more we appreciate them, the more we shall love Him; and as everyone is more alive to private than to public benefits, they should more especially consider them. Assuredly nothing can so humble us before the compassion of God as the abundance of His mercies; nothing so humble us before His justice as the abundance of our misdeeds. Let us reflect upon all He has done for us, and all we have done against Him; and as we count over our sins in detail, even so let us count over His mercies.


Holy Angels, defend us.